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Hill View Academy

What did we do

School logo identity including signage, uniforms, prospectus and website.

About the Project

Hill View Academy had lost its vision as a school. Print Bureau aimed to completely re-design the school’s ethos and values.

Furthermore, to restructure and build back the relationship it once had within the community. By investigating Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory, the team extracted elements to help develop the ethos and values.

The team created a bee logo design to reflect a strong vision and represent a modern and meaningful message. The symbol of the bee highlights the value of working and helping one another as a team.

Take a look at Hill View Academy here

Creating an identity for a new school is a daunting task. I knew what I wanted for our school and community, which was a safe, caring and nurturing community hub of a school. A place where pupils, parents and stakeholders would gather to work together to do our best for our children. Mike took my thoughts and brought them to life, creating a strong concept based on bees and everybody working together to positively impact on our pupils and the wider community. He made the extra effort to describe how his work could implement the goals I sought, and helped me understand the issues inherent in each step of the design process.
The print bureau team worked extensively on the branding concept for school including; my logo, wall vinyl, signs, and uniform, finding the right balance and impact after making edits to the first design concept. In the end, Mike’s concept encompassed my initial vision in graphic form. I felt very much a part of the whole process and together I feel we have created a striking brand for the school which has really engaged the whole school community, as intended.
Mike, and the Print bureau team, are artistic and gifted professionals who can assist any business in developing an identity. I would highly recommend Print Bureau for their high-quality work, responsiveness, value, and ability to implement their client’s goals while also explaining a complex and new environment to those unfamiliar with the processes.

Kate Eastwood, Headteacher



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