Slow The Flow Giant Interactive Exhibition
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Print Bureau illustrated and designed the concept for the Slow The Flow interactive pop-up exhibition. The exhibition's aim is to explain to families, schools, and the community how they can slow the flow in the Calderdale area to prevent flooding.

Print Bureau illustrated and printed a 1.5-meter by 4-meter map that illustrated the river Calder flowing through Todmorden to Halifax. The team created illustrations of key iconic buildings in each of the towns for the audience to recognise these areas and understand the subject. The team also created 3D and 2D objects that the audience would place on the map to slow the flow of water.

The team also created an exhibition stand that would help explain the Slow the Flow project which had QR codes for the audience to find out more information about each of the points. The display was printed on a bespoke formulate exhibition range.

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Wallpaper: The Elsie Whitely Centre
Slow The Flow Giant Interactive Exhibition
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